We offer high grade and safely packaged Pharmaceutical Raw Material, Ethylmagnesium Chloride, Bulk Drugs & Its Intermediaries..

We aim to be the leading supplier of important products and raw material of the pharmaceutical industry like Ethylmagnesium Chloride, etc. In line with this, we have devised a procurement strategy which is based on the market research at the national level. We have analyzed key industrial statistics, industry trends and growth forecast to finalize this strategy. With its support, we have established ourselves as one of the largest suppliers of Ethylmagnesium Chloride, Pharmaceutical Raw Material (PRM), Bulk Drugs and Its Intermediaries throughout India.

Our products are always in huge demand due to its superior quality. The quality of these products are in confirmation with the standards laid by World Health Organization (WHO). The Ethylmagnesium Chloride range is used in industries like food and beverages, pharmaceutical, chemical, and more. The intermediaries like Ethylmagnesium Chloride,etc offered by us are used in the formulation of drugs and chemicals for making medicines. Hence, we make no compromise with its finest quality during any stage of procurement, storage, packaging and transportation.

Our business brides the downstream medical market with the upstream chemical industry. Hence, our role is immensely important. Consequently, we have employees professionals and knowledgeable personnel in our company, who work together as a team to supply the finest quality Pharmaceutical Raw Material (PRM), Bulk Drugs and Its Intermediaries in different parts of India.

Future Plan

In the coming time, we look forward to venture in the export business and create a permanent clientele there, just like the one in India.
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